Who We Are

Birth of Panga Expeditions

Panga Expeditions started in 2013 with a Facebook Page & Youtube account operating under Panga MX. MX as a reference to Mexico, Panga’s birthplace. It was nothing more than a merger of social media accounts with the purpose of allowing Kieran & Michelle the opportunity to share their content. 

Kieran got his first GoPro in early 2013 from a client of his that he took diving. This was the beginning for what we would be an incredible next few years of success with shooting with GoPros underwater. 

Panga MX’s first real success was whilst shooting a video with Sea Lion Trainer Johnny Madigan and experimenting with the world’s first Sea Lion GoPro Mount allowing them to capture POV Sea Lion action in the Mexican Pacific Ocean. This earned them GoPro Video of the Day and an audience with GoPro directly as well as some other features on TV Networks. 

It was this success that fuelled the ambition to produce more videos, explore new techniques and travel further to capture new, exciting content. 

Kieran & Michelle are both Dive Instructors and Boat Captains which has allowed them to secure unique shooting opportunities getting closer and wilder in field experiences. The next expedition to follow the Sea Lion POV video took things to a whole new level and a few potential world firsts. 

Running a Humpback Whale Research Project in the Caribbean, the Panga Expeditions Crew were tasked with running an experiment designed with gathering data on In water Human Interaction with Humpback Whales this resulted in some incredible in water encounters with Humpbacks across new and untouched areas of the Caribbean. 

Footage was gathered of Humpback Whales sleeping in these sheltered and secluded bays and again resulted in huge media coverage of Panga’s crew. The Sleeping Humpback Whale video generated over 1,000,000 views on different social media channels and was featured on countless TV Networks, Online Newspapers and Magazines worldwide.

Since then the Panga Crew has continued to produce high quality shots of incredible underwater action. Capturing hours Humpback Whale footage and then moving in to specialising with Shark encounters and being featured on Shark Week, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo & other international TV Networks.