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Indoor Mountain Biking in Manchester - Dirt Factory

Dirt Factory is a relatively new addition to the wide variety of Urban Adventure Manchester has to offer. Manchester's selection of Indoor/Urban Adventure sports is forever growing, it already boasts a wake park, indoor skydiving, indoor ski slope and many more. We're always supportive to see growth and more options develop in Manchester for Adventure Sports Enthusiasts.

We wanted to give Dirt Factory a trial and went down for an afternoon of trying the different drops and lines. We had a great time. The construction of the park area has been well thought out and developed by someone who clearly has a good understanding of mountain biking.

We would highly recommend visiting this spot whether you're a local or are only in the city for a day or two. Break out a sweat and get some exercise in whilst getting the adrenaline flowing!

The pricing is relatively cheap and the rental bikes available are top quality.



  • 1 hour £6

  • 2 hour £10

  • 3 hour £14

Bike Hire including Helmet

  • 1 hour £5

  • 2 hour £10

  • 3 hour £14

Dirt Factory has many features........

Main features:

  • Pump tracks – improve your physical fitness whilst having fun on your bike

  • XC loops – practice technical trail features in a safe environment

  • Jump lines – have fun and progress your skills in the air

  • BigAirBag – practice your jumping technique and style with the comfort of a soft landing

Other Services:

  • A range of hire and test bikes from leading brands

  • Expert accredited coaching tailored for groups and individuals

  • Bike shop and repairs

  • Hire of educational spaces within Dirt Factory

  • Events and competitions

  • Changing facilities and lockers

By Kieran Bown

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